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2009_03_17 Image of M95 through FLT98. Testing of PemPro

2009_03_21 Additional note to bottom of astrophotography page

2009_03_21 Picture of M109 added to CGE1400 gallery

2009_03_24 About Barred Spirals

2009_03_28 Added CGE1400 gallery page 2. Added M86 image and comments to new page.

2009_03_31 Added pictures containing NGC4435 and 4438 to CGE1400 gallery page 2.

2009_04_01 Added image of NGC2903 to CGE1400 gallery page 2.

2009_04_06 Added image of Moon and Saturn on moon and planets page

2009_04_21 Added CGE1400 astrophotography, refinement page. RA errors.

2009_04_27 Added NGC3184, M106 and M91 to CGE1400 gallery page 2

2009_05_04 Added A project to study M106 page

2009_08_18 Added M57 to CGE1400 gallery page 2.

2009_08_19 Added Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) to CGE1400 gallery page 2

2009_09_13 Added NGC7331, Jupiter image and update on off axis guider.

2009_09_19 Added CGE1400 gallery page 3, first item M27

2009_10_20 Added M31 to FLT98C page

2009_10_20 Added M33 to FLT98C page

2010_03_11 Added Leo Triplet to FLT98C page

2010_03_06 Added Rosette Nebula to FLT98C page

2010_03_17 Added M106 and NGC4631 CGE1400 gallery page 3

2010_06_06 Added LHIRES III spectroscope motorised focuser

2010_09_12 Added A project to study M57 page

2010_10_28 Added A spectrum of NGC7662 page

2010_11_20 Added NGC884 and NGC7635 to FLT98C page

2011_04_25 Added NGC3395 and 3396 to CGE1400 gallery page 3