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This picture was taken on 3rd April 2009.

0.03s exposure on QSI532ws. The left image is a mosaic and the right is one plate from the mosaic.

The seeing was very poor and I was really surprised how well this came out. It says alot for the quality of the CGE1400.

The seeing at the Zenith was measured as 6.5arc sec, in the region of the moon it was probably a good deal worse than this.

This picture of Saturn at f11 was also taken on 3rd April 2009 at 7pm GMT. The seeing was very poor and again I was surprised at how well this came out. The image was taken through a thin layer of cloud, 3s exposures for each colour filter. The best frames out of 40 were combined. This image was really taken for fun, the aim of the evening was actually to improve the alignment with Pempro.

I am looking forward to trying this again when the seeing is better.

This picture of Jupiter at f11 was taken on 10th September 2009 at 21.00pm GMT. Because Jupiter was only visible between the roof of my house and my neighbour's house there was alot of distortion in the frames taken due to heat "haze", which made the seeing terrible. I took 400 frames with a Toucam Pro web camera taped with electrical tape to the end of the telescope, and then combined the frames. It is really surprising how well this came out, I really was not expecting to see anything.