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The natural world pages are a collection of my favourite photographs that I have taken of various subjects that catch my eye when I am out and about with my camera. I generally use a 100-300mm lens or a 18-55mm lens on my Canon 350D.

There are a few examples to start with below, there will be an index of further images if you are interested divided up by subject to follow.

Index to further Natural World photographs that I have taken:

Insect pictures

Bird Pictures

Plants and Flowers


Any others

This is a larger version of the one on the main home page. You can see a fly that was buzzing the Red Admiral to the top left front wing. The Red Adminral was flashing its wings to "scare" the fly off. The greengages (like green plums) were on the tree at the time and both the butterflies and flies were competing for the best spots. Quite why this fly was buzzing the Red Admiral here is a mystery to me, there is no apparent reason for it, not a greengage in sight.
Greengage blossom
Speckled Wood butterfly on bramble
Three Blues. I took this picture while on holiday in the South of France when I was about 15. It was taken with a Pentax K1000 on Fujifilm. When I was young I took a large number of print film, this is all largely lost now.......
This picture of a Hawk Moth was taken on the same day as the "3 Blues" photo above. The film has suffered in storage.
Dragon Fly in flight