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Although I generally set up and dismantle the CGE1400 as and when I want to use it, I wanted the flexibility to be able to leave it set up over a few nights from time to time, and also to be able to leave dismantling it to the next morning. However, the weather can be rather changeable, so I felt that I required good quality covers to protect the telescope and mount in the event that it started to rain hard in a strong wind.

After some searching, I came across the 365 Series of covers made by Telegizmos, which from the description looked like what I was looking for, so I placed an order for a cover for the mount and one for the C14 tube (part numbers T3TP-S and T3G2 respectively).

You can find technical and construction details on the covers at www.telegizmos.com.

Above is a close up of the materials the cover is made of. It certainly looks like it will do the job. I am very pleased with how well made it is. To the right is the T3G2 cover over the C14. Although the mount is largely covered, and would probably protect it in light rain, with the weather we have been having lately I felt that it would be safest to get the tripod cover as well.
The telescope totally covered up. There is enough room to leave it fully set up underneath if it suddenly starts to rain, as happened here. I would disconnect the RA and Dec leads next time, they were bent into a rather sharp right angle where they connect to the mount